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3D Design and Development

Let us make your new design or development of your existing product. We supply your 3D and 2D designing needs with our experienced team. By means of professional mold designers and mechanics experts in our team, your product will be designed applicable for manufacturing. Created by thinking of mass production costs, our designs will help you to make more profit

Our Pros

*Professional designers: Our team has 10 years of experience and each member is expert in his field. We are ready to present you an excellent designs in accordance with your ideas.



*Producable product: With the colloborative working of our designers, failure to produce of your designed product will be out. One of nijiworks objectives is to make low cost and producable product.

*Realistic render: We take the realistic images of your designed product. You can see the final form of your product virtually after setting logos, figures and tags on product.



*Quick revision: if you want a different application

or there are some sections you want to change,

we will make a quick revision according to

your requests.

Prototype Manufacturing

We perform the production of a product that has been designed by you or us. A prototype that is formed before mass production level let us fix the problems occur during the production. By means of these prototypes that we make, We examine product's working performance and reproducibility, then we virtually design and make it nearly the same as final product. We've accomplished hundres of prototype works successfully so far.

Mold Designing and Manufacturing

With 10 year experienced mold designers, we complete your mold desinging and manufacturing works without problem. By using the advantage of low labor cost, we provide solution to your molding works in Turkey, which is quite advanced in molding making. After preparing mold designs that are proper for manufacturing, we send the costs of mold manufacturing and printing as an offer. You can contact with us to take advantage of our expertness at plastic and metal injection molding.

Mold Making in Turkey

Turkey is a country which manufactures molds in European Standarts, and Labor costs are low due to profitable workforce. A great deal of manufacturing sites of international companies are located in Turkey.

Mass Production Service

We present solutions for projects that can be completed by only contract machining, not requiring mold or other manufacturing system. As contract machining, we present our manufacturing skills like lathe, wire erosion, CNC to your service. We can submit an offer for your contract works or we can comment on production techniques about your product.

When is Contract Manufacturing Used Most?

  • Contract manufacturing service is generally preferred in metal parts, when it is quite difficult or costly to start production with mold system.


  • Contract manufacturing is mostly preferred in metal parts. Producing by processing plastic mold production or outsource 3D printers will be more expensive in plastic parts production choices from the Asset Improvemen


  • Please contact us to receive contract manufacturing offer. We will use all our means to offer you the best price.


We prepare your project that we undertake its design and production according to brand concept you determine. we carry out all our work by highlighting your brand in product design and considering your marketing.

We are ready to work for you. Let nijiworks analyse our design and production works, you focus on marketing. We will be happy to get in touch with us. Work with us or not, we will not hesitate to share our ideas about your project


nothing is impossible,

just imagine!


About us

Established by two young entrepreneurs, Nijiworks has accomplished hundreds of 3D design and manufacturing, and has been giving service worldwide with its growing team. We want to take part in your team for you to benefit from workforce in Turkey

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