Nothing is impossible, just imagine

Starting a New Project

  • When you deliver a new design or production offer, Please inform us all about the things you desire in detail. Your product will proceed in accordance with these details.


  • Inform us about the competing products that you want to simulate, if any.


  • Nijiworks can make only design, only production or prototype. We guarantee that you are going to get your product without any problem, from designing to production.


  • For projects that you want to keep private and confidential, confidentiality agreement must be prepared.


  • We dont give design or production service for the projects that may form nationally or internationally illegal.


Receive Offer

Say hello to Nijiworks

We are ready to work for you. Let nijiworks analyse our design and production works, you focus on marketing. We will be happy to get in touch with us. Work with us or not, we will not hesitate to share our ideas about your project.


Please fill in the required fields and write about your project and the things you want from us. we will get in touch with you within 24 hours

nothing is impossible,

just imagine!


About us

Established by two young entrepreneurs, Nijiworks has accomplished hundreds of 3D design and manufacturing, and has been giving service worldwide with its growing team. We want to take part in your team for you to benefit from workforce in Turkey

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